Donkey Kong 40 years later.

Happy birthday Donkey Kong! You’re 40-years-old today!

Yes, all of you Gen X kids, heard that right. While still debated in some circles, July 9, 1981 is considered the official opening date of Donkey Kong in North America. Which makes Donkey Kong 40-years-old today!

For all of us who don’t…

The six things I learned from the year of the pandemic.

I’m not superstitious. I don’t worry about Friday the 13th or if a black cat crosses my path. In fact, I like black cats. Still, I suspect I wasn’t alone when I awoke on New Year’s Day and cautiously opened one eye to determine if 2021 had actually arrived and…

What I learned about baking my own bread.

When our world falls apart, we bake bread.

At least that was what I did when my world slowed down because of Covid-19 in the middle of March 2020. One day, I came home from my job to learn I wouldn’t be returning. The next day, my children followed suit. Thankfully, my husband continued to work. Though, in…

And steps I use to combat it.

Recently I was asked, “What prevents you from writing?” It took me a moment or two as I ran through my list of reasons. Husband? No, he’s always been supportive of my writing. Kids? No, not them either. My busy schedule? Yes, I’m busy but really I’m not that busy.

The steps I took to re-enter life after quarantine.

After more than two months of being confined to my home except for brief visits to the store and other essential business, namely the vet’s office for me, my state hit Stage Two of our reopening. Meaning hair salons reopened and restaurants seated customers indoors. …

Melinda Brinkman

Writer. Book lover. Librarian. Family woman. Attempting to make sense of my world, one word at a time.

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